Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've been reading up and working on my Shadowrun character. I was told that the group lacks a troll and a technomancer, so I made a troll technomancer. (WE R HELPING. [/Reboot reference]) I worked on my character sheet while I watched a movie.

I think you know where this is going.

Say hi to Cody.

This doodle will be the first of many I hope. Isn't he cute? (Considering he's a troll.) I'm still working through lore and working on a backstory and vital stats. We'll see what he evolves into as things go on. I'm also not really familiar with the subtleties of cyberpunk enough to design something that isn't hackney as all shit. (I'd prefer he's not looking like some animu punk chic on steriods.)

In other news, I locked myself out of my apartment this morning like a moron. It was fun waiting nearly 3 hours for someone to let me in. At least I did some reading up on what a technomancer actually does in the mean time.

I'll have to promise something more interesting next time.


  1. They're organic hackers. Unlike everyone else that need a device to link into the Matrix (everything is on a sort of wireless internet) there is something that receives signals in their brains. They can interface directly with anything wirelessly. In this timeline, everything is connected to the matrix. Each person has a PAN (personal area network) that acts as a cellphone, facebook, MSN, xbox live, whatever all in one. You see the UI without a screen. (Most people have glasses or contacts.) It's called Augmented Reality. But everyone needs a device called a commlink. Technomancers don't need anything.

    Google Shadowrun and look at the timeline on wikipedia. It's really cool.

  2. I did.. but its so damn involved!